Bangladesh has emerged as the leading nation in South Asia in vaccination programmes aimed at reducing child and maternal mortality, according to Dr. Samant Lal Sen, Health and Family Welfare Minister. This announcement was made during a meeting organised by the Bangladesh Parliamentary Forum for Health and Wellbeing (BPFHW) at the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP). 

Dr. Sen highlighted that the success of Bangladesh’s vaccination programmes has garnered international recognition, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina being honoured with the title of “Vaccine Hero”. This accolade reflects the country’s utmost sincerity in ensuring the health and well-being of its population through comprehensive immunisation efforts. 

“Despite challenges, workers across the country are tirelessly implementing the vaccination programme. Efforts will soon be taken to overcome the crisis with the help of this workforce,” Dr. Sen stated, acknowledging the dedication of healthcare workers. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pledged to ensure vaccination for every child in Bangladesh, a commitment that has been significantly supported by international organisations such as UNICEF and ‘Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’. Dr. Sen expressed gratitude to these partners, noting that their collective efforts have made Bangladesh’s vaccination programme an exceptional model for others. 

UNICEF has expressed its interest in further enhancing children’s healthcare in Bangladesh. The organisation aims to support vaccine production, implement additional vaccine programs, and build child health infrastructure at the grassroots level. “UNICEF has also expressed its interest in playing a role in other developmental activities, such as ensuring safe motherhood and the vaccination of children,” Dr. Sen mentioned.

The health minister’s comments followed a meeting with Sheldon Yett, UNICEF’s country representative, where the commitment to achieving 100% vaccination coverage for Bangladeshi children was discussed. Maya Vandenent, Chief of the Health Section of UNICEF, was also present at the meeting, praising Bangladesh’s progress in the healthcare sector, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The minister noted that the country’s healthcare sector is advancing, with Bangladesh now being cited as a global example in vaccination efforts. He extended his congratulations to the BPFHW for organising the successful discussion meeting and expressed optimism about further enriching the country’s healthcare services with the support of parliament members and collective efforts. 

Bangladesh’s leadership in child immunisation is a testament to its robust healthcare initiatives and the unwavering commitment of its workforce. With continued support from international partners, Bangladesh is poised to achieve even greater success in safeguarding the health of its children and reducing mortality rates. 



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