Advancing Immunisation: A Promising Future for Bangladesh with the UN Immunisation Agenda 2030
Advancing Immunisation: A Promising Future for Bangladesh with the UN Immunisation Agenda 2030

United Nations-led Immunisation Agenda 2030 is a strategy to create a world where everyone at every age fully benefits from vaccines for good health and well-being [1]. The strategy has been formulated to inform, make aware and motivate health sector leaders and ministers to innovate immunisation programmes with certain goals and objectives. The initiative aims to incorporate all the stakeholders around a shared vision, priorities, and goals, with the intention of strengthening the immunisation process globally [4].

Concisely, the Immunisation Agenda 2030 is called IA2030 and has four principles [2]. Foremostly, the strategy directly targets people, making them the core focus. The implementation process will be designed based on high-quality data and follow a broad partnership structure. IA2030 is a flexible strategy that will be led by individual states, and each state will design their own approach to fit its best practice. The IA2030 was developed in coordination with all levels of stakeholders, and thus, it can be referred to as a rational strategy.

The IA2030 focuses on ensuring finance and resources, properly utilising the resources, enhancing coordination among partners and sustainability [3]. Bangladesh wants to ensure immunisation equity. It can utilise the IA2030 and lessons from past immunisation success to face the challenges of Sustaining Trust, Coverage Inequity, Migration & Population Movements, Climate Change & Natural Disasters, Conflict & Political Instability, and Optimizing & Maintaining Supplies.

Bangladesh can benefit from the agenda in multiple ways. The agenda has proper guidance regarding financing, assisting in project implementation, and providing full support. The level of benefits will significantly depend on the Government of Bangladesh and its internal policies. Bangladesh will require detailed planning of the project formulation and implementation process. Bangladesh needs to be inspired and motivated. The vital health sector’s stakeholders like volunteers, vaccinators and ministry-level workers must take the goal as their core purpose [4]. Ultimately, everyone will benefit from the IA2030 as immunisation is an investment for the future, creating a healthier, safer and more prosperous world for all.


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